This website is for anyone living in and around Berlin and Germany who wants to do something to help Ukrainian refugees.

There are many aid initiatives at this difficult time, but it gets lost in the shuffle of information. That is why I have decided to gather useful information in one place. If you have any information not mentioned here, please send it to me.

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Creatives for Ukraine

This is an open platform for creatives from around the world showing solidarity with the people of Ukraine, who are fighting for the world as we know it.

Government info

Ukrainische Botschaft in Berlin / Embassy of Ukraine in Berlin

- Offizielle Facebook Seite / Official Facebook page.


- [DE] Die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Migration, Flüchtlinge und Integration. Flucht, Einreise und Asyl.

- [EN] The Federal Government Commissioner for Migration, Refugees and Integration. Displacement, entry and asylum.

- [DE] Bundesministerium des Innern und für Heimat. Basisinformationen. Unterkunft. Medizinische Versorgung. FAQ.

- [EN Federal Ministry of the Interior and Community. Basic information. Where to stay. Medical care. FAQs.


- [DE] Die Regierende Bürgermeisterin von Berlin - Senatskanzlei.

- [EN] The Governing Mayor of Berlin - Senate Chancellery.


- [DE] Fragen und Antworten für Geflüchtete aus der Ukraine.

- [EN] Frequently asked questions for Ukrainian refugees.

- Berlin Hilft. Registration, application for benefits & residence permit. Voluntary redistribution / onward journey from Berlin.

- Infomaterial zu COVID-19-Impfungen. Media package in Ukrainian. Resources on the Corona Pandemic and vaccination. Further information.

- Deutsche Bahn is free for people with Ukrainian passport.


- Volunteer Planner. Volunteer registration in Berlin - main locations and shifts.

- Become a volunteer. We’re mainly looking for people who can support us on site and with the computer work of matching displaced Ukrainians with our home owners.

- Malteser International. Do you want to help the people from Ukraine on a voluntary basis?


- Karl-Bonhoeffer-Nervenklinik. Address: Oranienburger Straße 285, 13437 Berlin.

- Berlin Südkreuz. Address: General-Pape-Straße 1, 12101 Berlin.

- Berlin Hauptbahnhof. Address: Europaplatz 1, 10557 Berlin.

- Berlin Zentrale Omnibusbahnhof. Address: 14057 Berlin.

- Berlin Ostbahnhof. Address: Koppenstraße 3, 10243 Berlin.

- Bauhaus Ku'damm. Address: Kurfürstendamm 129A, 10711 Berlin. Instagram: help_ukraine_berlin.

- Malteser International. Offer of assistance and support.

- Malteser International. Donate online now.

- FRANZISKANER HELFEN. We have been supporting the people in Ukraine for years with our sister relief organization FRANZ HILF.

- SOS-Kinderdorf Ukraine urgently needs help.

Refugee accommodation and other help

- Warmes Bett. Here you will find suitable accommodation.

- Every Bed Helps. We offer apartments for refugees coming from Ukraine. Alliance of German Serviced Apartments Provider.

- I CAN HELP. The main goal of our platform is to assist and facilitate people in need to find a host and also for the host to find those who need solidarity housing.

- From People To People. Important information for all Ukrainians about the different countries that accept refugees.

- Accommodation Berlin | Ukraine. Information for accommodation possibilities in Berlin for people from Ukraine.

- Service Portal Berlin. Residence permit on humanitarian grounds - registration for temporary protection.

- Refuge Booking. Refugees from the Ukrainian war can connect with Hosts from neighboring countries and throughout the world.

- Unterkunft Ukraine. An alliance of mission-driven organizations supporting solidarity in civil society.

- Host Ukrainians. Housing Ukrainian refugees across Europe.

- Temporary homes for Ukrainians in Germany. We want to help those of you who seek housing.

- Malteser International. Help for refugees from Ukraine.

Free medical & other aid for refugees from Ukraine

- Medical and psychotherapeutic care. Free medical care for Ukrainian refugees.

- Sprachtabelle Deutsch - Ukrainisch / Language table German - Ukrainian. Key words and sentences when asking for medical help.

Help offered by local Ukrainians

- Ukraine Hilfe Berlin. We are Germans and Ukrainians living in Germany with different professions. We are united by a common goal: to help the people in Ukraine. Facebook: Ukraine-Hilfe Berlin e.V.

- Vitsche is a new association of young committed Ukrainians from Berlin.

Domestic animals

Free assistance for Ukrainian refugee animals is available on a pre-registration basis at the following addresses:

- HundeDoc.

- Berliner Tiertafel e.V.. You can get free food, pet supplies, medical care and vouchers for free medical care. Facebook: Berliner Tiertafel e.V.

- Accommodation for humans and animals. TASSO e.V. created TASSO.Help to help refugees from Ukraine and their animals staying together.

- Help for dogs and humans. Are you urgently looking for accommodation for you and your dogs?

- Tierarztpraxis Eichkamp.

- Donation for food and supplies to the animals of the refugees from Ukraine.

- Free veterinary aid for refugee animals from Ukraine in Germany.

- For more information, visit Facebook page.

Telegram groups

- Помощь Берлин LaruHelpsUKRAINE. Center for Humanitarian Aid to Refugees from Ukraine in Berlin. Address: Ansbacher Str. 30, 10789 Berlin.

- Психологическая помощь Украина. The group was set up to bring together Psychologists and ordinary people who need help with their fears. It is FREE OF CHARGE due to the martial law in Ukraine.

- Berlin helps Ukrainians.

Write me

If you have any information not mentioned here, please send it to me by message or by filling in the form.

Information war

- Send a message to russians. Let's personally communicate the truth to Russians. We've collected emails and phone numbers of Russians from open sources and prepared a message.

- We the people of the world have a message to the russian nation. Squad303 gives you a tool that allows you to send text messages from your phones directly to randomly selected russians. Let them know the truth. Let them know the power of the free world!

- CALL RUSSIA NOW. It is a randomly generated telephone number of a Russian citizen you can call.

- Karta Mira. Here you can find out all reliable information about the army training in Ukraine. Find your sons, brothers and husbands who took part in it and are missing. And also understand the real losses of the Russian army in each of the regions of Ukraine.

- HELP POP THE RUSSIAN PROPAGANDA BUBBLE. This service is built to send emails from your own email account to a batch of Russian email addresses.